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Exotic Fruits Festival is a one-day annual benefit festival that shines a light on outstanding nonprofit organizations. To amplify their voices, we've curated a lineup of unique BIPOC, LBGTQIA+ and Femme artists for a day of music, conversation, and community activism.

Organizations being highlighted this year include:

Project Q

The Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory

Feminist Center for Creative Work 

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ProjectQ Community Center is a non-profit organization that provides safe space for LGBTQIA+ youth. At the Community Center, LGBTQIA+ folx with housing insecurities can receive free mentorship classes and workshops, along with free gender-affirming haircuts. Located in Chinatown, Los Angeles.


Feminist Center for Creative Work cultivates L.A.’s feminist creative communities and practices.

(quoted from BHAC mission statement) — BHAC advocates for the development of a new framework toward diversity in the creative arts, media, and technology fields—one that is socially and economically inclusive, and accurately reflects the City of Los Angeles in terms of ethnicity, gender, and age. The most effective way to do this, we understand, is by dismantling the many barriers to equal opportunities in the arts and creative industries, so that they, as well as those interested in pursuing such careers therein, can truly grow and thrive.

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